Advanced Cardiac Life Support Information

Every year, about half a million Americans go into sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops beating or beats too ineffectively to circulate blood. To help cardiac arrest patient, paramedics and many nurses are trained in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). Advanced Cardiac Life Support is a certification accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA) that is required for health professionals. This is a series of algorithms that help health care professionals to deliver care during cardiac arrest.

To pass ACLS certification exam, health care professionals can prepare themselves by borrow ACLS provider manual from friends or from a medical library. They also can take ACLS online course to get ACLS certification. Taking online ACLS courses are a quick and convenient way to get ACLS certification. The online ACLS course is designed for healthcare worker that have busy work schedule. ACLS certification is valid for a period of two years.

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