Diagnosing and treating back pain

Almost everybody suffers back pain at some time in their life. Population surveys show that around 60 percent of adults have experienced low-back pain at some time. Many people experience back pain that lasts a few days and then subsides. Unfortunately, most people just forget it after the pain disappears. They didn’t make an effort to identify and address the cause of it, so they can prevent it in the future.

There are so many causes of back pain that it takes someone who is dealing with it daily to understand all the ramifications of the diagnosis and treatment. Low-back pain is related to frequent or heavy lifting, carrying, pulling and pushing. Some diseases, such as arthritis or tuberculosis of the spine, are also directly related to the back, and obviously can cause back problems. For complete diagnosing and treating back pain, you should go to orthopedic spine specialists. To find one in your area, you can ask your family physician or search information on the Internet.

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